Get an unlimited entertainment with Samsung apps! Samsung app world consists of several entertaining apps that can keep you entertained all the time. Given is a list of top rated best selling Samsung apps. Check them out.

Face Changer

 Face Changer app

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A highly entertaining and funny app, which allows the users to change their faces in photos. You can change any photo present in your gallery or the photo you find in the internet. Grab this app, make funny images, and share them!

Talking Cat & Background Dog

Talking Cat & Background Dog app

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The top entertaining app in the Samsung store. This app features a background dog and a talking cat. He replies with his funny voice and reacts when you touch or say something. This app also includes so many exclusive effects and games with several stages to play.

Funny Mirror Free

Funny Mirror Free app

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Make your face funny with this app! Just capture or choose a photo, and tap on the screen where you want to turn the face into funny and scroll the effect bar. That’s it – you get your modified photo.

Fingerprint Scanner

Fingerprint Scanner app

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A fake and highly entertaining fingerprint scanner! Feed the info before itself of the person you want to fool, then handover your Samsung device to scan their fingerprint and shock them when they view their info! Grab the app and fool your friends and family members!

Fun Piano

Fun Piano app

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Turn your device into a piano! It is easy and fun. It consists of normal and a fake play mode. In the fake mode, you can turn on the button and touch anywhere on the screen to play music and fool people around you!

Animal Sounds Ultra

Animal Sounds Ultra app

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Kids enjoy this app a lot. It features several different animal sounds with clear and excellent sound clarity.

Unknown Tricks

Unknown Tricks app

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The best selling app in the windows market is now available for Samsung devices! This app provides some tricks about Microsoft, Google and Facebook; and some math’s tricks, which can help the users.

Relax & Sleep

Relax & Sleep app

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This app can help the users in their relaxation. It features many relaxing sounds, which can make you asleep too. You can listen to these sounds while you meditate, relax, and sleep.

GhostCall: Ghost Phone Prank

GhostCall: Ghost Phone Prank app

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Scare and surprise your friends and family members with this app! Let others answer your calls and see their reactions!

Talking Manny Free

Talking Manny Free app

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This is a funny app, in which a cute little Manny repeats whatever the user says. He has a funny voice and responds when you rub his belly.

2 Face Maker Fun Photo Editor Free

2 Face Maker Fun Photo Editor Free app

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A wonderful app, which can create funny and unique photos. Modify your photos using different stickers and share them.

Sweet Little Talking Princess

Sweet Little Talking Princess app

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Sing, dance, play and talk with the charming princess! She responds whenever you touch the screen and say something. Along with this, you have three funny games to play with!

Amazing Candle

Amazing Candle app

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Experience a real candle on your Samsung device! Light and blow out your candle. It also features a real flame, and particle smoke!

Crack your Screen

Crack your Screen app

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Break your screen and fool everyone around you! You can also take your friends or anyone’s’ device, install this app and prank them. This app features different breaking and cracking modes.

Antique Phone Tones

Antique Phone Tones app

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Explore the magical forest with animated background theme! You can watch the moving waves, rays of sunlight, animated grass, butterflies flying across your screen and water reflection flicker beautifully. It serves as a theme as well as an entertaining application.