The Great Suspender is a new extension that is available in the Chrome Web Store. This is a truly noteworthy extension that helps heavy-duty users who keep multiple tabs open.

The Great Suspender

If you want to temporarily freeze the tabs you are not currently working on, The Great Suspender is there to help you. Just click on the ‘Suspend this tab’ option available within the page to freeze it manually. Though you freeze some of the tabs, you are still allowed to use other tabs without any issue. You can activate your suspended tabs whenever you want by just tapping the reload button.

The extension also offers you the facility to whitelist certain web pages so that they won’t be freezed in the future.

The Great Suspender extension

Besides freezing the tabs manually, you can also set the extension to freeze the tabs automatically after a certain period of ideal time.

Moreover, all your suspended tabs will be retained if you close and reopen the browser, like the BarTab functionality. The extension also collaborates with the Session Buddy (Chrome extension) so that all your suspended tabs are restored like that of the loaded tabs.

The extension also offers you an optional setting to auto-refresh the tab the moment you tap on it. Overall, the extension helps you save your device’s battery, reduces memory usage and maximize performance.

Google Chrome users can grab The Great Suspender extension from here.