A new extension called OverTask has recently joined the Chrome Web Store! This extension allows you to administer your tabs as tasks! It helps you organize your search, discover websites that can help you get your things done easily, and stay focused on your to-dos and eliminate distractions.


OverTask is a productivity extension that allows you create tasks right from within a fresh tab in Chrome. It actually replaces your Chrome new tab page, and lets you create tasks instead of tabs. The main advantage of this is that it lets you stay focused on your current tasks, and provides you more control over the tabs you’ve opened.

Creating tasks is easier, but where the extension indeed shines is in how it turns your tabs into individual to-dos.

OverTask extension

When you fire up any of your created tasks, other browser tabs automatically closes and allows you include individual sites to your ‘task’ that you can get back to later. This turns it much easier to open multiple tabs you want to review. All your current tabs can be saved to your task, add notes or any other additional information if you want. You can even share the task with your dear ones so they can view it too.

Is this interesting? Then hit the following link to add it to your browser!