The news aggregator, Digg has unveiled a new Reader extension for Google Chrome to accompany its RSS reader.

Digg Reader

The Chrome extension associates with the Digg Reader service and provides the following interesting features:

  • It notifies you when you have got unread items, and the number of items.
  • Offers you the ability to add the website you are currently viewing to the Digg Reader service with just a tap.
  • Opens the Digg Reader in a fresh tab with a click.

Simultaneously, Digg has also revamped its Android app to version 1.4, and it features a new setting option that provides the ability to view all of your unread items, in addition to the folders and feeds with unread items. Moreover, the update also brings several bug fixes, and enhanced speed.

Digg Reader download link for Chrome (free)

Digg Reader download link for Android (free)