Digital Pigeon – a web App to share files of large size

Digital Pigeon App developed by the Digital Pigeon Team with an intention to help the users in sending files of large size over the internet. The App can manage and transfer files upto 2GB to other recipients.

This web App has several new features that includes ability to send files to multiple users or transfer multiple files to single user. App users can personalize the settings and receive notifications on successful delivery of the message.

digital pigeon App

The App works similar to Gmail, Yahoomail and other email service providers. Users have to sign up with the App to gain access and share large files in few clicks.

Users in order to transfer the files must just enter the recipients information and a short summary about the files attached. App provides users with an option to set the expiration time for files and important password protected files.

digital pigeon web App

The registered users can login using their account information to forward existing files, delete sent files, enhance the colors on account page, insert logo and background image.

 Features of Digital Pigeon web App:

  •  Users can transfer files online
  • Send important files to multiple contacts at once
  • Forward various files at one time
  • High level customization to modify the account’s appearance

Digital Pigeon, an easy to use file sharing App will reduce the problems related to email attachments.

To make use of this Web App, visit

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