Google is now working on developing an update to its Camera app, powered by Chrome OS. The revamp adds few welcome new features in addition to support for video recording.

Camera App

The new version brings a completely redesigned user interface that offers you more space to the content and less for the actual app. In addition, you can still apply a series effects to your images; but instead of displaying text list of those filters and effects in the side of your screen, it will show you thumbnail icons under the picture.

Besides the interface, the update also brings the following features:

  • Ability to record videos.
  • Provides the ability to upload your captured content to Google+ and Youtube.
  • You can synchronise photos across all of your devices powered by Chrome OS.

As most of the devices which run on Chrome OS are laptops (which consist of front-facing camera), this camera app doesn’t serve as a great solution to take high-resolution movies, but rather, it serves as a great alternative to capture spontaneous moments when you don’t have a better choice to take a picture.

Currently the update is only available for select Chrome OS users via Chrome Web Store. Whereas, the rest of the people have to wait for a while to get their hands on the updated version, since it will be rolled out to the masses pretty soon.

Camera app download link for Chrome users (free)