Google has officially unleashed its Google Now cards platform to the Chrome stable desktop browser, that is for Mac and Windows. The company has said that starting from today, users with stable version of the Google browser can enjoy the perks of Google Now in Chrome.

Google Now

As aforementioned, this new feature is available for the Desktop running on Windows and Mac. You can turn on this feature by just logging in to the desktop Chrome version with the same account that you are already using in your smartphone for Google Now. If you activate Google Now on more than one device, you will have to manage your location settings for each device individually.

Google Now Cards for Desktop offers you the experience same as its Android counterpart. The cards can show you anything right from sports scores to the current weather conditions. And many more. It’s mainly based on what you search for and the signals that Google considers when you completely go for its information services.

When you perform search for something on your PC, Google Now can generate a card on your phone. This is the most interesting feature of the service.

Head over to the Google Chrome for Desktop version and start enjoying the added Google Now service!