There’s a new extension in the Chrome Web Store! The popular web applications developer, P in collaboration with Google’s Creative Lab based in Sydney has developed the History Timeline Extension for Chrome.

History Timeline

As the name specifies, History Timeline presents your complete browsing history in a beautiful way. But, it doesn’t display your browsing history in a long searchable URLs list, instead, it presents a scrollable visual timeline of pages you’ve visited with thumbnails for each. This offers a great visual overview.

History Timeline extension

It cleverly generates the visual timeline using standard meta data and OpenGraph data. This makes your history looks like an infographic, with Pinterest style tiles. Each website in depicted as a tile, showing the number of web pages you have visited from the website. If you tap the tile, it open up all the links in the Pinterest style tiles again.

You will have an X icon next to the tile, which allows you to remove the entry (this deletes all your entries from the website, not an individual link). There is also a ‘Refine’ section in the bottom-left corner. This allows you to filter your search by feeding a specific date or picking one from the calendar. From here, you can come back to the latest history by tapping ‘Right Now’.

History Timeline for chrome

It doesn’t share any of your data with Google, or cloud. It is also desktop only. It only saves your data locally and presents the web pages that you have viewed in Chrome on this computer. But, users can log in to Chrome using their Google account to synchronize all their web browsing history, passwords and tabs across devices.

Just open up the Chrome, install the application, set access permissions and get started!

Check out the History Timeline extension here. It’s is a great way of getting around your browsing history!