The smart social media-sharing tool, Hootlet extension for Chrome, has just received an update with a plethora of noteworthy features.


HootSuite had initially released the Hootlet extension for Firefox and Chrome back in the year 2009, which provides a smoother way to share any web-based links across multiple social network sites.

Now the latest version of the extension integrates with Google Maps; when you feed an address, the extension automatically shows you ‘Tweets near here’ – the social messages from others who have sent tweets in the vicinity. In addition, the extension also teams up with the renowned review site Yelp.

Moreover, the extension now allows you share your multimedia content right from the browser. So, when you just visit a web page that contains a Flickr/Pinterest photo, YouTube video or any Google image, you can easily share them to social networks by just placing the cursor over the image and then tapping ‘Share with HootSuite’.

Hootlet extension

Interestingly, you can schedule your messages from any web page; once you type your message in Hootlet, you are allowed to schedule the messages manually, or opt for automatic schedule option (automatically the extension determines the perfect time) to post to your selected social networks.

In addition, you will also have the ability to view relevant tweets next to Google Search results; you can now encounter a checkbox under the Google search box. When you click on that, and perform a search, the extension shows up the related tweets next to your search results.

The latest version of Hootlet is available to download via Chrome Web Store.

Hootlet download link for Chrome (free)