Instapaper has recently revealed an update to its Chrome extension with a bunch of new features which can provide a much better experience to users.


The revamp adds a new ‘Save to Instapaper’ option to the right-click menu, which allows you save a link/page. So, you can now right-click on any of the pages/links within Chrome and save them to the extension instantly.

Moreover, ‘Save to Instapaper’ button will be displayed in different sites like Twitter, USV, Reddit as well as Hacker News, only if you open up any one of those sites within the Chrome browser. Also, besides each tweet, USV post, Reddit story and Hacker News content, you will encounter an inline Instapaper button as well.

In addition, the update also includes the following features:

  • Added a keyboard shortcut that lets you save articles you are looking at. For Windows users, the shortcut key is Ctrl+Shift+S, while in Mac, it’s Cmd+Shift+S.
  • Added an Instapaper options page where users can switch between keyboard shortcuts and inline saving buttons for USV, Twitter, Reddit, and Hacker News. You can also enter this page by just right clicking the Instapaper icon and picking the ‘Options’ feature.
  • You can now highlight the content in an article description. Just highlight your desired content and then right click and click on ‘Save to Instapaper’ option to save the piece.
  • If you log into Chrome with your Google account, the extension will automatically synchronize your Instapaper favorites across all of your logged-in Chrome browsers.

The updated version of Instapaper Chrome extension is downloadable via the link given below.

Instapaper Chrome extension (free)