The social messaging app developer, has launched its app on the Android platform. Along with the Android launch, the company has also released an update for its HTML5 and iOS apps.

With the launch of Android version, the company has made the service available for 3 key platforms (including web).

Android app features:

  • Provides the best of email, messaging and social networking apps in a single place.
  • Allows single messages with text and voice messages, images, and videos.
  • Endless texting for free.
  • Supports 32 languages.
  • Integrates with your address book and provides you a choice of who to message.
  • Supports private messages.
  • Ability to post your stuff publicly, including Twitter and Facebook. for android

 Simultaneously, the company has also improved its Web and iOS apps.

The Web app now supports Firefox OS and other HTML5 browsers, and lets users to read and reply to the messages. for ios ios app

While the iOS version has been modernized to the version 1.1. The update includes an improved interface, a new user dashboard and new features, including the ability to make telephone calls to the contacts from within the app. Users can also move the public stream conversations to private. download link for Android download link for iOS Web version