Mozilla has finally unveiled a new beta version of its Firefox browser exclusively for Windows 8 touch devices, which is absolutely ready for users to install, test as well as share their feedback and file any errors.

Firefox Beta

The beta version of the browser features a brand-new tile-based Firefox start screen with a single-tap access to the Top Sites, History, and Bookmarks sections. It will also work with Touch- and Swipe-based gestures like pinch-to-zoom and one-touch swipe transitions, and also a variety of viewing options; you will be able to select if you desire to activate full-screen mode, snapped to a limited area of the screen, or if you wish to just fill the remaining screen area.

For ambiguous reasons, Windows 8 only lets one browser to run on TIFKAM mode on any machine. In order to test the browser’s latest Windows 8 features, first you will have to make the browser default through Default Programs under control panel. Once you are done with that, you can tap on the ‘Relaunch in Firefox for Windows 8 touch’ option available under the browser’s main menu.

Moreover, the company says that if you put the app in the background when watching a flash video in the full-screen mode and then bringing it back to the full-screen mode will shut away the application. So, try to avoid doing that. Furthermore, if you find any bugs and feel like reporting them to the team, you can visit this page.

Windows 8 touch device users can download the latest version of Mozilla Firefox beta from the link provided below.

Mozilla Firefox Beta for Windows 8 touch (free)