6Snap for Windows Phone Brings the Ability to Create Group of Friends

6Snap, the acclaimed Snapchat client on the Windows Phone 8 platform, has been revamped with a significant feature, bumping it to version 2.6.


Most notably, the latest version of the app brings the support for creating groups of contacts as well as friends. You can now move all your desired contacts into a group called ‘close friends’, which allows you to separate them from your family members or even your company staff. This is a sweet minor revamp that should delight dedicated 6Snap users.

6Snap allows you share your favorite video clips and photos with your desired Snapchat users. You can seamlessly post your stories, view others’ stories, best friends and see the score of your buddies. You can also add text and draw over your photos before you upload them.

Windows Phone 8 users can download the latest version of 6Snap app directly from the link given below.

6Snap download link for Windows Phone 8 (free)

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