A new musical app called Monk has recently been landed on Windows Phone platform. It’s a brilliant app that allows users to easily get the picture of the inner workings of music. The app has a vast library with a handful of scales and chords for you to explore, and the simple yet interesting UI lets you briskly get an idea of how notes are related inside any chord/scale.


Basically, the app enables users to transpose, alter the scales, enjoy with chord inversions, check out the staff, all tasks in the same screen. You are also allowed to choose a certain accuracy in order to filter the search results and even pick the note corresponding to a chord/scale you are searching for. Once you’ve got, you can play chord/scale and listen to it. And the app allows you play the notes on its multi-touch and polyphonic piano.

If you are a music freak and very much interested to understand the specifics, this is a perfect app to have. It’s a bit crowded on the smaller screen devices, and performs better on the big screen devices.

Monk app

The app comes in 2 flavors: Lite version and paid version. Lite version brings a narrowed usability, while the paid version includes a vast feature list. The paid version actually goes for $1.45, but it’s now priced at $0.99 (introductory price) through this week.

Monk Lite download link for Windows Phone (free)

Monk download link for Windows Phone ($0.99)