The prominent Adidas miCoach app has made its way to Windows Phone 8 platform, with some noteworthy new features.

Adidas miCoach

The app, already available on iOS and Android platforms, serves as an interactive personal fitness coach that will help you keeping fit, while providing the ability to sync with Adidas services and avail Windows Phone features.

Like most fitness apps, this app enables users to set up a workout schedule, track their activity progress and review their personalized feedback. The app also integrates with miCoach official website, allowing users to save and view their workout progress.

When you first launch the app, it will ask you to complete a short personal assessment where you start off at a light pace before pushing yourself to the limit.

Adidas miCoach app for wp8

At the end of each workout, the app will display detailed results, which can be shared through social networks or saved for later reference. The app also records your achievements as well as lifetime stats.

When you are absolutely ready for more, you can choose from a number of free workouts, like cross-country skiing, walking, and cycling. The app also sports workouts for strength training.

Adidas miCoach fitness app for wp8

The app uses HERE Maps to make it easy for you to track and see your workout route from start to end point. It even features a ‘GPS Off’ mode to assist you through the workout.

More interestingly, the app brings special ‘voice packs’ from the best professional athletes associated with Adidas. Moreover, the app also integrates with Nokia Music, allowing you to rock while you workout. You can play your personal collection or pick tracks from the app’s sample music mix.

Adidas miCoach for wp8

You are also allowed to pin the app to your start screen or lock screen to view your workout details at a glance, and also the music that is currently being played. It’s so simple to track your activity progress on the miCoach website, specifically with the Calendar support for the device to stay up-to-date with the scheduled workouts.

Furthermore, the app works with Adidas bluetooth smart heart rate monitor. This feature is compatible with Nokia’s Lumia 520/620/720 devices.

Windows Phone 8-based Nokia Lumia users can download the app from Windows Phone Store for free.

Adidas miCoach download link for Windows Phone 8 users (free)