Best Recipe Cooking Apps for Windows 8

Food is one of the essential thing for human being. Sometimes you go to a restaurant or friends house and try some good stuff there. And then you feel like making it on your own or trying it at home. But the problem is the recipe and the process of making it. If you own a Windows 8 device, then here is a list of best apps to find recipes in food apps.

recipes restaurant


all recipes

Allrecipes is a famous website to get fresh ideas on dishes and their preparation. All the dishes are prepared and tried by professionals and then put up on the site.

Now Allrecipes have come up with a free cooking app to reach the Windows 8 users too. Find your favorite dishes, browse them, find the contents, and method of preparation to prepare them yourselves at home. You can either search by dishes or by ingredients also. the app contains about 40,000 recipes and the app is updated with top rated recipes. Save your favorites and share them with your friends.

Download Allrecipes app from here.


cook book

CookBook consists of over 30,000 recipes collected from various sources like: Marmiton, Big Oven, and Aufemin. All the dishes are categorized as: main courses, starters, desserts, etc. Check the recipe ingredients, cooking time, method and then prepare it on your own. The new version has a timer and alarm also to notify while cooking.

Download CookBook from app store here for free.

Everyday Food:

everyday food app

Everyday Food app is maintained by chef Sarah Carey. You can find recipes for any meal or dish. With all the steps and suggestions just follow the app and you will be able to prepare a good dish. Videos are also included to demonstrate how to cook. Save your favorite recipes, email them, and share them on your social networking sites.

Download Everyday Food app for free on Windows 8 here.

Free 100000 Recipes:

free 100000 recipes

Free 100000 + recipes is a free recipe app by Enjoy variety of recipes like: everyday drinkers, pastry parrot, food wishes, etc. Learn all kinds of recipes and enjoy them yourself at home. Video tutorials also included to prepare vegetarian food, desserts, snacks, cakes, beverages, etc.

Try Free 100000+ recipes app on Windows 8 by downloading it from here.

Eat ‘N’ Entry:

eat n entry

Eat ā€˜Nā€™ Entry is another good recipe app for Windows 8. In this app you can find recipes according to ingredients or nutrition. View the ingredients, nutrition, method of preparation, and reviews. Add recipes to your favorite list and view them later.

Download Eat ā€˜Nā€™ Entry for free from here.

Recipe Shows:

recipe shows

Recipe Shows will present you with ingredients and the cooking videos for you to learn cooking a dish. Find new recipes and download them and their video links. View the history of videos that you have viewed in this app. Find different types of dishes according to categories in this app.

Download Recipe Shows for free from app store here.



iCookbook is a famous app and is available for $4.99 USD. It has more than 2000 recipes which are tested in kitchen and all of them are easy to read & prepare. The recipes consists of easily available and affordable ingredients. Check the best recipes also in this app.

Download iCookbook from app store here.


These are some of the best cooking apps we found for Windows 8 users. If there are any others, please let us know in the comments below.

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