Google has rolled out the latest Chrome 30 beta for Desktop and Android users! This latest version brings a longer list of new features to satiate Chrome users.

Chrome 30

Chrome 30 makes it much easier to search by image. You can now long-press or right-click on an image, and then search it through your default search engine. It’s that simple!

All the gestures are now implemented in the toolbar available at the top: you can swipe to the right/left to switch tabs, swipe down from the middle to get the tab switcher, swipe down from the top right-hand side to open up the menu.

Chrome 30 beta

The desktop version has not got much new features like the Android version.

Here’s the complete changelog of the Chrome Desktop version:

  • Now it’s much simple to search by image.
  • Numerous underneath modifications for better performance and stability.
  • Several new extension APIs, like media gallery write support, WebRTC Device Enumeration, webview.request, support for in-app payments and downloads.

Here’s the complete changelog of the Android version:

  • Search by image functionality.
  • Easy access to the tab switcher.
  • draggable menu.
  • Ability to switch between tabs by performing side swipe on toolbar.
  • An easy zoom gesture.
  • Support for WebGL.
  • Introduced Device Motion that helps developers to access device rotation and acceleration rates through Device Motion part of Device Orientation API.
  • Support for Media Source API.

The major developer addition in the Android version is WebGL support, which is enabled by default for the devices with top-notch mobile GPUs.

The desktop Chrome version is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.

Chrome 30 for Android

Chrome 30 for Desktop