Dropbox has recently released a free app for Windows 8 platform. The app is compatible with Windows 8 and also with Windows RT devices.

The app serves as the only alternative for Windows RT users to access their Dropbox storage content on the desktop, whereas the regular users can perform installation and utilize the Dropbox client instead.

Dropbox Official App

The Dropbox Windows 8 app presents all the files and folders on the screen after the user logs in. In the lists of files and folders, the contents are not automatically sent to the device. This works similar to that of Android Dropbox where syncing is disabled by default.

Using the Dropbox Windows 8 app, you can be able to browse your files, view your images, and watch videos with a single tap.

Features of Dropbox app:

  • You can share any image, folder, or file with Share Charm
  • You can browse and preview your images and files on Dropbox
  • You can discover your files with the help of Search Charm
  • Save, open, and edit files from other apps of windows 8

Users can browse their files utilizing the app and can also save them to the Dropbox from an app. As this is the only first version of the app, we can expect some more features in future.

Currently, files cannot be downloaded using Dropbox app, the one and only available alternative is to launch that in the default program. There is also no alternative to move folders or files around, delete files, or create folders. The Dropbox app do not have any settings or options other than disabling or enabling notifications.