Google has unleashed a latest version of its Chrome browser, Google Chrome Canary 34 designed for Mac and Windows users. In this version, the major addition is the support for Google Now cards.

Google Chrome Canary 34

Google Now is basically a card-based service, which offers a very useful information all over the day; it’s a part of the Google Search app on iOS and Android, and now it is also launched on the desktop. This service is accessed through your Google account, and it offers you significant information on varied elements, including event reminders, traffic updates, sport scores and weather.

Google Now service is disabled by default, you can enable it by navigating to chrome: //flags. Once you enable the service, sign into your Google account through the latest Chrome browser. Then you will receive notifications in the Notification area (for Windows users) or in the menu bar (for Mac users) where you can swipe them away or navigate to settings button to select which notifications to be reminded about.

Users can run both the stable Chrome and Chrome Canary simultaneously, but the Canary version is revamped on a daily-basis, has the new features and it is perfect for early adopters and developers.

Chrome Canary 34 is set to roll out to everyone in the month of March or April, but it is said that Google Now is still an optional flag. And the Google Now might not launched for all Chrome OS users until much later in this year.

Google Chrome Canary 34 for Windows and Mac is downloadable via the link given below.

Google Chrome Canary 34 download link for Windows and Mac (free)