Music Drop Allows You Transfer Music Files from Your PC to Windows Phone 8 Device

A new app called Music Drop has hit Windows Phone 8 platform. This new app offers users an easy way to send music files from a PC to Windows Phone or vice-versa through a web browser in a blink of an eye.

Music Drop

Just launch the Music Drop app and connect your PC and Windows Phone 8 device wirelessly without the need of any external cables! The app generates a network connection between your devices with a cool interface that lets you select your desired music files to plant on your PC/phone.

When you launch the app, a URL will be showed on your device which you need to feed into your computer’s browser. But the browser should support HTML5 format. Once you enter the URL, both your devices will be connected. Then the music that’s already available on your phone will be clearly displayed on the browser page.

In order to drag a song on to your phone, you will have to open Windows Explorer, select your desired song and then drag it into the upload cloud circle. Then the app moves the files to your phone’s music library.

Windows Phone 8 users can download the Music Drop app directly from the link given below. You can grab it for free.

Music Drop download link for Windows Phone (free)

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