The windows media player app, the most renowned app and one of the oldest media players has been an indispensable part of our Windows PC. Windows media player app is a media player and a media player application which can play audio files, video files and also can be used for viewing images. It can be run on personal computers having Microsoft Windows as their operating system.

Types of Windows Media Player App

Following is the description about the three latest versions of Windows Media Player app:

Windows Media Player 10


Windows media player 10 was launched on 12th October 2012 and was made available for Windows Server 2003 (SP1+) and Windows XP x64 edition (SP2+). It was a fresh face in the Windows media player series and had a new cleaner design. Windows media player 10 had a totally new and attractive design and made switching between modes easier. Also, it featured a Media Library in which the media files could be managed without any trouble. The WMP 10 had a decent interface and was resizable and could be resized to a nice and small window called the Mini Player Mode.


Windows Media Player 11


Windows Media Player 11 was launched on 30th October 2006 and is available for Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista. The user must have at least Windows XP in order to install Windows media player 11. It is designed to be compatible with all the versions of Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2. Integrated with windows media player 11 many new and innovative features were introduced such as it had new methods for ripping the music and also had a featured digital music service from MTV networks named URGE. Windows media player 11 offers a “media sharing” feature which allows the streaming of content from the library to the networked devices.


Windows Media Player 12


With the tagline “designed for media lovers, by media lovers” Windows Media Player 12 was launched on 22nd July 2009 and is available for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. The most amazing media player with exciting features, windows media player 12 can play much more types of media than any of its preceding versions. Has built-in support for various audio and video format and has an interesting new feature called “play to” which enables the user to stream music and video to other PCs having Windows 7 OS as well as other compatible features. All these features make it the best media player indeed.


Overall, Windows Media Player has been an authentic and genuine media player since ages and still continues to connect with the people with its mind blowing features presented with simplicity. With so many emerging competitors Microsoft has still managed to keep Windows Media Player the top notch and most popular media player in the market.