Liquid Daffodil has unveiled a new social app called Piehole for Windows Phone 8 users. Basically, it’s a vine client that allows users to watch random Vine videos submitted by the community.


The app integrates with twitter and vine. To get started, you are required to log in with your Twitter account. Once you are in, it’ll draw a random selection of Vine videos (video clips users have posted for sharing). You can view, retweet, favorite or share them with your friends through Twitter or 6sec.

The app features a delightful interface, the videos are displayed in a scrollable list similar to that of Polaroid images. More interestingly, the app doesn’t just focus on the people you follow, it randomly pulls great content even from people you are not familiar with. So you can always get fresh material all around the world!

Piehole app

In addition, there is also a search bar where you can enter a query to get more relevant results.

Piehole is downloadable via Windows Phone Store for $0.99. The app only works with Windows Phone 8 devices.

Piehole download link for Windows Phone 8 ($0.99)