A new security app called Spy Hunter has landed on Windows Phone 8 platform. This app helps you get hold of culprits who try to spy on your device while you’re not around.

Spy Hunter

Once you set the trap, the app captures a series of photos of the person, sounds an alarm and record audio when your devices is unlocked. Interestingly, you will also have the options to instantly save the snaps to SkyDrive and get notified when the app is triggered.

The app features a simple user interface that provides you the best way to determine who’s attempting to use your device.

To get started, launch the app, set capture options and lock your device from the app. Then it generates a false screen when anyone unlocks your device and launches the hidden capture. As the name signifies, the false screen is a fake with progress bar that travels across the screen as photos are captured. In order to review the photos of spy, just click on the gallery control button.

Spy Hunter app

The app comes in 2 flavors: Free version and paid version ($1.49). Free version saves only one set of snaps to the gallery. You can either increase the storage to 10 sets via in-app purchases or grab the full version.

Windows Phone 8 users can download the free and paid versions of Spy Hunter app from the links provided below.

Spy Hunter download link for Windows Phone 8 (free)

Spy Hunter Full download link for Windows Phone 8 ($1.49)