Mobile phones have revolutionized the way we take photos so much that devices like digital cameras are on the verge of extinction. They have changed the concept of photography and made instant photography an instant hit. The latest smart phones with high resolution lens make taking pictures an art and these amazing apps give professional effects to your pictures, and this is what sets them apart. Given below is a list of the top camera apps for windows phone 8.


Fhotoroom-Windows Phone 8 Camera App

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It is one of the best photo editing and network sharing app. It offers more than 75 unique styles and editing features. It also includes customized designed frames. The unique feature allow you to share pictures on SkyDrive, Facebook, Flickr and instagram all together at just one simple click. It is rated the best photo editing app by Community Apps Awards


Photosynth-Windows Phone 8 Camera App

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It is one of the most innovative apps that create impeccable panoramic photos. Using the latest technology, you can create panoramic photos of places, events or people you like. You can create a horizontal, vertical or a 360 degree panoramic picture and instantly share it with your friends on email, facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.

Phototastic Free

Phototastic Free-Windows Phone 8 Camera App

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If you want to make beautiful collages for your friends or just upload them online, Phototastic Free is the ultimate app for you. You can choose from over 50 styles of collages to make your perfect collage, you can even add text to your picture or choose to frame it using several options for frames. You can even share these collages with your friends on Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, etc.


Camera360-Windows Phone 8 Camera App  Camera360-Windows Phone 8 Camera App

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It is one of the most popular photo editing apps with more than 100,000,000 users. The latest technology and amazingly sharp features give it the status of a mini SLR camera. You can choose from over hundreds of editing options available with real time preview. You can share your creation with your friends on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Lomogram-Windows Phone 8 Camera App

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Lomogram is one of the most reliable photo editing apps and one can always expect beautiful results from this app. Some its most unique features include 47 different types of filters, 49 borders to add to your photos and 72 lightening effects that add a touch of class to your photos. The added advantage is that it is available in over ten languages making it very convenient to use.

Super Camera

Super Camera-Windows Phone 8 Camera App  Super Camera-Windows Phone 8 Camera App

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Super Camera is a wonderful photo app that will allow you to edit your photos, add effects, sketch it, and animate it and share. You can even use one of the many templates provided to personalize your photo and share it with your friends on facebook.

Fantasia Painter Free

Fantasia Painter Free-Windows Phone 8 Camera App

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This is the most elaborate photo app that is equipped with almost all the features you can think of to bring out the artistic side of you. It has over 42 types of brushes to work even on the smallest of detail on your picture. It can be safely said that it converts your photo into a painting, a work of art.



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This is the best app for pros who know to work with a powerful camera to produce fabulous results. This is the best photo app for real time editing of your photos. It comes with option to manually set features like shutter speed, white balance, ISO, Focus, Flash, Aspect ratio, exposure, etc. to unleash the true potential of your camera.

Piture Perfect

Piture Perfect-Windows Phone 8 Camera App Piture Perfect-Windows Phone 8 Camera App

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Picture Perfect makes editing photos fun, easy and convenient and this makes it one of the most popular photo editing app with over 500,000 downloads. Its unique features include one tap auto enhancement of pictures, Powered by Aviary, one of the best editing tools, Picture Perfect really does make your pictures, perfect.


LazyLens-Windows Phone 8 Camera App LazyLens-Windows Phone 8 Camera App

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Are you tired of clicking pictures and then spending hours of your time editing them? You are in luck; LazyLens is the perfect photo editing app for you. It provides several preset templates that can be used to enhance your photos with using just a swipe of your fingers. Editing pictures has never been easier, so get started and share your awesome pictures with your friends.


BLINK-Windows Phone 8 Camera App  BLINK-Windows Phone 8 Camera App

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Most often while taking fast or high speed pictures; you often miss out on the picture while the camera takes time in auto-focusing. BLINK clicks a burst of picture even before you click and continues to take pictures even after you have clicked, providing you with option to select the best looking picture, so you don’t miss out on the best picture.

Pictures Lab

Pictures Lab-Windows Phone 8 Camera App  Pictures Lab-Windows Phone 8 Camera App

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Pictures Lab is the best photo editing app that provides the best results if you want to tweak your photos. It provides features such as auto face detection, steady shot, high quality filters and enhancers. It is super responsive and one can say that it is the actual lab to produce amazing pictures.


Panorama-Windows Phone 8 Camera App  Panorama-Windows Phone 8 Camera App

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This is the ultimate photo editing app to create a panoramic photo of a simple photo. Using the latest technology, this app automatically converts your image into a panoramic image with seamless conversion and without giving the feeling of artificial editing. However, this app is only for Nokia Lumia phones.


Fotor-Windows Phone 8 Camera App  Fotor-Windows Phone 8 Camera App

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Fotor is one of the most powerful and creative photo editing tools available for downloading. It provides features like auto adjusting your picture, cropping tools, high quality filters, unique frames, etc that can help you to customize each and every picture to make it your own and share it with friends on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. or just email them on the go.


CamWow-Windows Phone 8 Camera App  CamWow-Windows Phone 8 Camera App

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If you want to add funny feature to your pictures in real time, you can use CamWow. It provides options to pinch, distort, flatten, and stylize your camera just like a photo booth. It supports both front and back cameras. You can immediately share these funny pictures with your friends on facebook or Twitter or just email them the pictures to get the funniest reactions.