When you’re with your friends hanging out and having some fun, karaoke is one thing that adds to all of it. No matter how many people are around it’s always fun to use the karaoke box and sing your favorite songs.



Sometimes it’s really not up to some people to go all the way to places that have the karaoke box. For this group of people, these set of apps are a perfect entertainment and utility.

A karaoke box that you can carry around everywhere you go right in your pocket. The best entertainment equipment available to you at all times. Check out these top karaoke apps and you can download them from the Google Play Store.

Amazing Karaoke

Amazing Karaoke is a very cool app. The app has a good looking background and a very good user interface. As any other karaoke app, this has the features of the best kind. The app uses the videos from YouTube. Every time new videos are uploaded on YouTube, the weekly updates of this app make available newer songs on the app.

It has a scroll with song lyrics feature that helps you follow the lyrics while the song is going on. It prevents from auto-locking of the screen and keeps you from worrying about the scrolling by yourself problem.

The app has weekly updates to give you the best songs possible. Songs are not stored on the app to prevent memory crisis or hanging of the app.

Since the app accesses YouTube directly, it is recommended to stay connected on a secure Wi-Fi connection to keep the app connected throughout the song runs. Even a 3G network would do but 2G network often takes a while to load a song causing interruption.

The clarity is best found on earphones. You can record and share your work with friends and family. Amazing Karaoke is available for download for free on Play Store.

Amazing Karaoke

Download Free Amazing Karaoke App

Singster – Karaoke Game

The Singster – Karaoke Game is not just a karaoke app but also more of a game. The app has a catalog of over 1300 songs from all genres that you can search and choose from. The variety of songs amazes you. Sadly, the free version allows the access to only 50 songs.

To get access to the other 1250 (or more) songs, you need to subscribe for the full version. The app allows you to sing to your favorite songs and record them as you perform. These audio files can be shared on your Facebook or Twitter, friends and family or even to the global community of karaoke lovers.

This remains as a competition to get more and more number of shares and likes from people all over the world. This can also serve as a platform to showcase your talent and your wonderful voice skills. The collection of this app has some classics that you’d love.

It is a very fun and must-have app for all those karaoke lovers. The songs are also available in Spanish, Italian Swedish and Finnish. The basic version of the app is for free and you can get it from Play Store.

Singster - Karaoke Game

Download Free Singster – Karaoke Game App

Karaoke Online Free

This app is the best on the Windows Phone Store. Since it is a simple online app, it uses very little space on your mobile leaving you a lot of space for other important stuff. No songs will be on the app when you install it.

It will simply access the internet and load the songs of your choice and display them in the font and color that you like. You can sing along to all your favorite songs with the best accompaniment. The app chooses and gets you the best soundtracks on the internet and the languages of your choice too.

You can view the lyrics while you sing which scroll automatically with the song and show you word-to-word timing to give you the best professional karaoke experience. You can avail the sing, record and play later feature which allows you to share your work with all your friends and family.

You can simply upload the files on Facebook or Twitter too. All this in an app that is absolutely free. You can get it from Play Store.

Karaoke Online Free

Download Free Karaoke Online App


The app is one the top rated ones on the Windows Phone Store. It has a very funky look with all the neon lights and green background with shades of green theme.

The app is simple and effective. The easy-to-use app allows you to search for songs by their name or artists and it will give you a list of karaoke formatted songs from YouTube that you can choose from. Once you choose the song, you can just play it and start singing.

The best sound quality is found with earphones on. You can also record your songs while you sing and save them. The files can be later shared on Facebook or you can email them to your friends.

Either way you can share it and get likes and shares and who knows, become famous? The app also allows you to save the file with the name of the song, your name as the author, type of song which makes it like a real studio recording and a song which can be used in an album.

If you’re good at it, you can make a number of songs and make your own karaoke album. You can get this app for free from Play Store.


Download Free Karaoke App


This app is very simple and has a very colorful appearance. KaKa is an online karaoke player that has the world’s largest database for a karaoke mobile app.

The very vibrant colored app has the best features that are easy to use. It requires internet as long as the app is running. It uses the connection to search and load the songs and play the sound track for you. When you’re singing to the songs, you can record them simultaneously using the record option.

On doing so, you can save your voice recordings and keep them store on your SD card. You can also share them with your friends and family and also with other music lovers on the online karaoke community.

This app provides you with all the features that could lead you to fame with all your hard work and vocal skills. The best of the kind app has provided all of this for free. You can get this app from Play Store.


Download Free KaKa App


The app has a very lively look with all the beautiful colors and abstract background. You can simply recognize options with the help of large sized icons. With this app on your phone, you can turn your Windows phone into the smallest and coolest karaoke machine.

You can take it with you wherever you go. The app allows you to search for songs, which has a very huge database and select the song and version of your choice. Once you do that you can sing along to the song and record like any other app on the store.

But this app just does everything better. You can not only record your song’s audio but you can also use your camera to make a video recording and post it online. This is the coolest feature for a karaoke app so far. The app gives the best sound quality and record quality to make it sound like a studio recording.

This app does not need a mic or a set of earphones. It gives you the best with the in-built mic and speaker that is adjusted by its very own technology to give you the best record output. It is ideal for singing in a group or for a karaoke party. Get this app right away from Play Store. It is absolutely free.


Download Free RedKaraoke App

Lyrics Now

If you are a music lover and would love to know the lyrics to your favorite songs, this is just the right app for you. Lyrics Now helps you look for lyrics right away and display them while your media player plays a song.

This simply helps you to read the lyrics alongside the song being played and if you would like, you could sing along. The app searches lyrics from one of the top lyrics site on the web, Chartlyrics.com.

This site has almost all the songs that you would want to check lyrics for. If by any chance the app can’t find the lyrics for the song that you had searched for, it does a secondary search on LyricsWiki which displays a search result on the screen.

With the best lyrics on the screen, you can sing along to your favorite tunes and also record if you wish to. This is the simplest karaoke experience you can find. The app requires internet connection when the app is running and it gives the best and fastest results with a secure Wi-Fi connection.

A 3G connection also will do. This is the best on-screen lyrics app that has the best user interface and good graphics. You can download this app for free from Play Store.

Lyrics Now

Download Free Lyrics Now App

 Music player

This app for Windows phone is developed and published by MyPlan Studio. It is one of their best apps. The app once downloaded, allows you to search for songs and download and listen to them instantly. Sometimes we have trouble looking for songs and finding the original version of the songs.

This app makes it easy by searching all over to get you the best set of results for you to choose and download from. This app would only play the downloaded music. Now the updated version and latest feature allows you to sing along to those songs.

With the record option installed, the app looks for karaoke audio files that you can download and sing and record your voice and make it sound as studio like as possible. You can store all your work on your phone or SD card and listen to them whenever you feel like.

You can also share it with your friends by sharing it on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter or any other platform. So showcase your talent by making the most of this app. You can download this app for free. Find it on the Play Store.

Music player

Download Free  Music player App


TuneWiki is a music player that displays lyrics while the songs are being played on the music player. The app has a very good user interface and easy to use system that puts you at ease. The lyrics are synced with songs that are displayed karaoke-like.

This helps you know the spot of the song where you are at. With a whole community viewing lyrics from this app, you can connect with others and talk about songs and lyrics. This app has another very cool feature. It instantly converts lyrics into 40+ different languages giving you to read.

You can discover many songs each day and try out various languages of songs and discuss by helping others know the meaning of a song and get to know some yourself. This is the best lyrics app on the Windows Phone Store that you can find lyrics to almost all the songs you know.

If you wish, you can sing along with the app while the music is being played. If it pleases you, you can record it and save it to listen to it later. All this in an app that is absolutely free. You can download it from the Google Play Store.


Download Free TuneWiki App

Karaoke Player

This is an app with good graphics and good looking background and theme. The simple app allows you to search for songs by the name of the song and artists and when the results are displayed you can choose what you want and sing.

There are a hundreds of free songs to download from and make the most of it. You can also download songs and use them to sing along even when you are offline. You can also use your own songs from SkyDrive and download them and sing along.

The app displays lyrics in the best possible karaoke manner that gives you the karaoke machine feeling. This app will be your very own karaoke machine that you can carry around in your pocket and use it anytime, anywhere. This app is available for download from Play Store for $1.99.

Karaoke Player

Download Karaoke Player App for $1.99


iMusic is an app just like Music Player. It helps you to search for your favorite songs and download them instantly. It works best and fast with a Wi-Fi connection or a 3G Network. It is convenient and quick working. You can download songs and run the app even in offline mode.

It is a very quick and easy process where you can search for karaoke versions of your favorite songs and download them instantly. The app has an all new karaoke feature that allows you to record your song and save it. You can always listen to your recordings and share them with your loved ones.

The updated version of this app is really helpful and loved by many. It has received very good rating and reviews. The app has a very good user interface.

It is easy to use and attractive. It is a fun app to have in your phone and a karaoke machine that you can carry around in your pocket. This app is available for download on Play Store. You can get it for free.


Download Free iMusic App


This app works only with Music+Video and Zune hub. It is not just a simple lyrics app but it scrolls down lyrics as the song plays in the background. The app scrolls it for you so you can just sit back and get the karaoke experience.

You have some great features in this app like background visualizations that can be changed. It has a good easy-to-use user interface.

The app has a huge database with a huge collection of songs that you can choose from. The app is really good for all music lovers who love to know the lyrics to songs and to sing along.

The app has a 10 minute trial version that gives you the idea of the app before purchase. You can download the full version of the app from Google Play Store for $1.29 only.


Download PicoLyrics App for $1.29