Are you a windows 8 phone owner, and a music lover? There are many apps available that let you download and listen to music. The apps come with great features; here is a list of the popular apps.


Music - Windows 8 Music App

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Looking for a simple, yet fully loaded musical app to assist you in converting your smartphone into a music player? Look no further; the Music app will provide you all the features that you can expect and hope from such an app.

Stop the Music!

Stop the Music! - Windows 8 Music App

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This cool app has voice support. All you need to say is “stop the music!”  and the music stops. It has unique features which let you set timers, enabling you to sleep with the music on which turns off after the set time has elapsed. The app also lets you pin your favorite songs onto the start screen so that you can play them easily with one tap on the screen.

Amazing Music

Amazing Music - Windows 8 Music App

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This app truly is amazing and lets you listen and choose from millions of songs available for free. One can search music and listen to it anytime and anywhere simply from your mobile phone. The app is simple and easy to use and no registration is required. The songs can be searched by title, artist name or even by name of the album.


SKY MUSIC (Free) - Windows 8 Music App

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This app lets you search for mp3 just with a single click. It lets you manage the songs that you download with the auto meta-data reader or you can search online directly. Not only mp3 files, this app lets you download ringtones legally and absolutely free of cost. All your favorite songs can be put into a playlist for easy playing.

Music Downloader

Music Downloader - Windows 8 Music App

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This app lets you download legal and free music directly on your mobile phones. It gives you access to unlimited music. Other features that are offered by this app are shuffle support, playing music in the background, adding a play all function, and saving the song as a ringtone.


SoundHound - Windows 8 Music App

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A truly amazing app, soundhound is the only app that lets you identify music and search music by singing or humming the tune, all with the touch of a single button. The search is quick and easy and it takes about 4 seconds to recognize the song. It also lets you view lyrics while the song is playing.

Music Pro

Music Pro - Windows 8 Music App

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This app is filled with features for your ease. A person can search through millions of tracks and listen to them without the hassle of downloading each song. It also lets you play music on the background and is compatible with mp3 and mp4 formats. It lets you manage multiple playlists and play songs even when the phone is locked.


musicbox - Windows 8 Music App

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This app is easy to use and has features that let you access your favorite radio stations. You can even play your personalized station on the phone. One can select radio stations based on genres. The app even has background music support.

easyRing & Music

easyRing & Music - Windows 8 Music App

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Fed up of the old ways to set up ring tones and enjoy your music? Then, this application is bound to serve you well and give you a welcome change from the dull and dreary system default apps.


Lyrics - Windows 8 Music App

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Who doesn’t love singing along to their favorite tracks. Lyrics is this absolutely cool app that lets you identify lyrics directly from the TV or radio, so that you can sing along. This app has lyrics in 18 different languages. It has a music player and a great lyrics search engine which lets you save songs to listen to later.

Audiotica 4 (Free Music)

Audiotica 4 (Free Music) - Windows 8 Music App

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This app lets you play music for free. This is a great music platform where you can choose from a million songs and download them. All your favorite songs can be saved on the start screen for easy playing. You can search for artists as well as music here. You can even get ringtones; all you have to do is tap and hold.

VK Media Player

VK Media Player - Windows 8 Music App

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This app lets you listen to your favorite music and view your favorite movies without the use of internet. A person will have to create an account with the social networking site, vkontakte to gain access to this app. It lets you search for audio and video, play your own audio, view audios by album and other many cool things.


SuperMusic - Windows 8 Music App

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This app lets you directly download music on your phone legally and without paying any money. It has all basic necessary functions like background play options, download music in the background, shuffle music and saving the downloaded music as ringtone provided it does not exceed the time limit of 39 seconds.

Touch Music Free

Touch Music Free - Windows 8 Music App

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Not only do people listen to music in their free time, they also listen to it while driving, while exercising and while doing various other activities. This absolutely amazing app lets you change and listen to songs without the need to look at the screen. All you need to do is make gestures and the music will change. This is highly recommended for people who listen to music while in motion.


music+free - Windows 8 Music App

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This app could hardly have been named any better. Coming to you with a user interface that will keep you intrigued and interested, the Music+ app delivers all that can enhance a music player application.