The free instant messaging and VoIP service, Viber has launched an update to its Desktop and BlackBerry apps alongside bringing support for Linux-powered computers.


Now Viber is available for Linux users too, accompanying Windows and Mac desktop users. With this, the service is available on all the major platforms.

Now let’s have a look at what’s new in the Desktop versions:

  • The update brings a Viber Sticker Market which lets users to purchase and send their buddies stickers.
  • Support for drag and drop functionality, which provides you the ability to send images by just dragging them to the app.
  • Adds ‘Seen’ status, which allows you know when your recipient had viewed your messages.
  • Supports video messages and photos: You can now see photo and video descriptions seamlessly.
  • Enhancements to video call.
  • Upgraded push-to-talk feature which is now much faster and efficient than the former versions.

Viber app

BlackBerry version has also received a significant update in addition to the Desktop versions. Here’s the complete changelog of the latest version:

  • Ability to send multiple emoticons in the same message.
  • Now the message delivery is faster.
  • Enhanced group capacity, up to 100 members.
  • Integration with Twitter, which lets you share your photos on Twitter and ‘Tweet about Viber’.
  • Performance enhancements.
  • Bug fixes.

Desktop and BlackBerry users can download Viber from the links given below.

Viber download link for Desktop (free)

Viber download link for BlackBerry (free)